RPP was founded in April 2015 by photographers Dragoş Mălăescu and Ioana Cristina Casapu. Both have worked with instant film for a long time now and the idea to build a community dedicated to their Romanian peers, local and abroad, who loved this format, was as instant as the film itself. Within a week, RPP Facebook Page gathered over 1000 enthusiasts and received numerous submissions from an organically growing fan base. Together with Curating Editor Cristiana Negoescu and Graphic Designer Dragoş Gavrilă, they are setting up the premises of a niche that continues to rise and thoroughly document the work of other Romanian instant film photographers through dedicated content.

We’ve been working our way with instant film for a while now, each to their own inspiration. In fact, this is how a common friend got us to sit at the same table less than a year ago. His words were, “You guys would have a great deal to talk about when it comes to film”. And we did. Falling in love should be instant, like Polaroids, and when we were struck with the idea of building up Romanian Polaroid Photographers, we realized we’ll always be in love with this project. Here’s to instant photography, to the revival of FP-3000B and to many others like us who we’d like to meet.


WE TAKE SUBMISSIONS via ropolaroids@gmail.com

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  • Elizerman

    Bonjour, Hello !
    A friend gave to me your link. I would like to know i f it’s possible to submit some polaroid is it possible for other country or is just Romanian photographers? Thank you

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