Name: Alice Finichiu
Age: 32
Tools of trade: Polaroid SX-70, Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera, several Polaroid 600 and Polaroid Spectra, Polaroid 330



Tell us a little (or a lot) about yourself 

Not much to tell… I am a quite ordinary girl. I’m in love with light and I think no other camera then the old SX-70 can capture better the fragility of time and space.

I wanted a Polaroid camera since little girl, but got one only 8 years ago on a flea market. Since then I carry it almost everywhere. It’s the time I spent working on my Phd in architecture and philosophy that transformed my camera into the best way of expressing my feeling.


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Something nice about the place where you live?

I live in Brussels, on the last floor of a typical “maison mitoyenne” but half of my apartment is a glass house that looks on a hidden park. An unexpected surprise to find this apartment when I wasn’t even looking for one! But this is how I discovered the nicest thing about Brussels: the grey and the almost eternal rain can transform in an instant in the most beautiful rainbow and the sunniest sky.





What is the story behind your most beloved series?

Every photo tells a story… so it’s difficult to say… the small things, the intimate moments, landscapes, songs, books, words, paintings, just happy/sad moments of the daily life… all are part of my pictures. Most of the time I don’t start thinking I’m gonna do a series on this or that. It’s only after a while that the connections between several images become clear and recreate a story… For example I love the sea, so at some point I wanted to do a series on Alessandro Baricco «Ocean Sea» (Oceano mare). I started taking pictures each time I go to the North sea, but I’ve never been able to really put together “the disposable encyclopedia of the sea”. Maybe… one day…



A memory you wish you could have imprinted on film but didn’t?

All my memories stick with me even if not on film. What I would have liked to be printed on film are all of the photos I took when the instant film didn’t work either because it was an expired polaroid film, either because the new impossible films are so fragile and unstable. This is how the series « error » started…



Recommend us a site/social link you dig that we should know about. (variante: an album, a track, a store, a special camera, a film, a motion picture etc)

Here are two sites where you literally have to dig in, you can be surprised what you will find:

Also, Andrei Tarkovsky’s polaroids are just beautiful and the book regrouping some of them, « Instant light », is a must have.

Not related to polaroid, but Werner Herzog’s film Fitzcarraldo, is a particular story.




Say I give you an instant camera with only one paper left inside. It’s the last instant camera in the world. What would you shoot and why?

It would be a quite difficult decision… I think I would shoot… I don’t know… that very instant ?… maybe a multiple exposure…





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