NAME: Andrés Aguilar Caro
AGE: 36
TOOLS OF THE TRADE: Polaroid 320, FX70 Land Camera Alpha 1, Polaroid 635


Tell us a little (or a lot) about yourself. Who are you, where do you come from, what took you towards photography and Polaroid imagery in particular?

I first got in touch with photography in my first year of Journalism in Bogota (Colombia). Inspired by Robert Capa, I thought that one day I could become a great photo-journalist, reporting international conflicts live on location. Photography quickly took me by the hand to become a music editor for a couple of publications and instead of taking pictures of wars I came across more complex and mysterious beings: musicians on stage and back stage. In my free time on stage I began to take pictures of musicians with a Polaroid 320 which I bought one day to experiment with analogue photography. I never managed to leave it behind nor did I think I would, because its image is always bright, clear, with no secrets, no tweaks, and they remain so alive in my head, much more than digital pictures.

What is the story behind POLAROID OF THE DAY and how did it evolve? What is your mission in the art world?

In my former role as Music Editor I was collecting loads of Polaroid visual material, and in turn I experimented with portraits and nudes. When the two publications in which I worked closed, I set myself to start a new project. Glancing around in my studio I saw the polaroids were covered with dust which made me feel guilty. So I decided to publish a couple of them on a blog. Two years ago it was an  amateur page, today it is a platform where we write about people and their projects, and in turn encourage other photographers to submit their projects. Now we also function as an online portfolio which many Polaroid fans use as reference to get to know new works in this format, all from a personal way of seeing the world through the analog camera.



Something nice about the city you reside in? How is the art scene, what do you love about it and what would you change about it?

Barcelona is a city that vibrates with inspiration, full of life and is constantly creating new artistic trends. Normally, I used Barcelona as HQ, because it is close to all the cities that inspire me, Berlin, London … but sometimes it’s hard to live in Barcelona and concentrate, there’s so much life that is hard to pick one thing at a time!

A memory you wish you could have captured on instant film but didn’t?

Hard to say, but I think if I had the chance, I would have liked to photograph during the time of my birth. Seeing myself in retrospect in the arms of my mother and seeing that time as a third person. Something I like to feel when I shoot a photo, to put myself in the role of an outsider of the situation and to put the following as my highest priority: to make him/ her feel what I am trying to transmit.




Top of mind things (artists, people, music, places, web) that inspire you?

Tame Impala inspires me, I like people who smile, children playing in the streets – free, eat a large macadamia nut ice cream with chocolate cookie crumbs on top, I like to feel at home naked and with the freedom to be myself. Looking at photography books inspires me, Andy Warhol inspires me as well…



Say I gave you a Polaroid camera with only one paper left inside. This is the last instant film camera in the world. What would you photograph and why?

A portrait of my family with me, they are everything to me.


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