NAME: David Burlacu
AGE: 28
TOOLS: Mamyia RZ PRO II // Fuji Mini // polaroid 600 series


Tell us a little (or a lot) about yourself 
I’m a failed economist, I live with my mom and self-loathing inspires me. I didn’t turn to instant photography – I use all types of photography depending on the project. I liked the 6×6 format and the versatility of the fp3000b. The background on my desktop is the milky way. I like to keep things in context, you know.xny

Something nice about the place where you live? 

Breakfast in bed.
Your most beloved series?I don’t have a beloved series. Once I’m done with my projects I think they’re worthless.


A memory you wish you could have imprinted on film but didn’t?
My first cigarette.
What should we watch?
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – sidenote: my character is played by Sean Penn, haha.Say I give you an instant camera with only one paper left inside. It’s the last instant camera in the world. What would you shoot and why?

Edwin Land’s grave or personal artifacts – seems only fitting to celebrate the man with the invention
main credits:  Photo by Dallin Larkin

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