Name: Dragoș Gavrilă
Age: almost 31 and I keep on going. All work & all play.
Tools of trade: Imagination. Pen. Paper. Tumblr. Adobe CC (when it works hehe).


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Tell us a little (or a lot) about yourself

Designer. Image maker. Online curator. Culture hunter. Occasional writer. Lover.
Currently working & playing in Bucharest, RO.


What is the story behind your tumblr?

Natural Selection of Everything http://nsoe.tumblr.com – is a selection of Beauty, Form, Chaos, Vision, Colour, Pleasure and other Things.
I started this tumblr more than 3 years ago to collect visual inspiration, for myself and for you.
Popular tags:
Muzici – http://muzici.tumblr.com – a selection of music videos from around the Internets, for the Internets.


Something nice about the city you reside in? How is the art scene, what do you love about it and what would you change about it?

Bucharest, RO. GMT+2. There isn’t that much of an art scene, but people try out different things, experiment, and some even succeed big time (I’m a fan of Adrian Ghenie). Our “little Paris” can be an inspiration, hosting street tags & graffiti all over its grey walls, beautiful photography and contemporary art in all the various small galleries and big museums like MNAC, street events like “Women on Mătăsari St.” or “Street Delivery”, summer festivals like “Summer Well” or electronic music gigs like ROkolectiv, also there are lots of new comers in fashion, illustration, typography scene, and much more.
This is a city transformed from a post-communist capital into a cultural hub for beautiful people coming from all over Romania to make a living here. Also it is much cheaper than Paris and the wi-fi here is great!
I call this city “home” since 2008.
A memory you wish you could have captured on instant film but didn’t?
Uhm…my birth?

Top of mind things (artists, people, music, places, web) that inspire you?

I find inspiration mostly in the people I meet around. Also from listening to lots of music (check out my last.fm http://www.last.fm/user/grafician )

Say I gave you a Polaroid camera with only one paper left inside. This is the last instant film camera in the world. What would you photograph and why?

I would try to shoot the Moon; as a reminder to always try – as an artist and human being – to shoot for the Moon, you know?…You might reach it, but even if you don’t – like the saying goes – “you’ll land among the stars” 😀

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