Name: Ina Ionescu 
Age: old soul
Tools of trade: Polaroid 636 Close-up

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Tell us a little (or a lot) about yourself 

My name is Ina Ionescu, I live in Bucharest….mainly. Humans inspire me. Everything that I shoot, even if it’s am object or nature, is related to a human, his/her work , emotions, being. I appreciate the unique qualities of instant photography and thrive on it’s weaknesses, moody, complicated, never a same shot, not digital. I can keep a naked picture of me in my shoebox and be done with it :))) no one will know. My background…. Right now it’s red. I have a red wall in my house.


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Something nice about the place where you live? 

My red wall , as I said, my cats and the wind blowing through the trees.


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A memory you wish you could have imprinted on film but didn’t?

I actually have another wish. I wish I had a memory attached to a photo that i have. Me and my grandfather at a wedding. The last big happy event we spent together. I see the photo and I don’t remember the touch of his hand or anything that we spoke.


Recommend us a site/social link you dig that we should know about.


I don’t know if it’s that unknown cause it’s pretty great and regularly updated : . The site of the WestLight museum in Vienna. I visit the museum as often as I can. I once saw a gold Polaroid (yes, real gold, by Cartier) there for sale. It looked phenomenal.And there is this Leica shop right next to it. Such lovely people there.

Say I give you an instant camera with only one paper left inside. It’s the last instant camera in the world. What would you shoot and why?

First I would pray that that film actually is reactive and doesn’t come out completely grey or blank, then I would point it to a person I love. The why is a bit complicated. Firstly, because it is the last polaroid ever taken it would be important to history and the world. So maybe, just maybe, the image of that person so important to me would actually become as important to the rest of the world. (I like symmetry.) Secondly, I think capturing someone’s expression would be the best thing. Because I believe the type of the medium is important. The same image on digital, 35, 120, lomo style or instant film will never be the same photograph. The last expression on instant film. There will never be another one like it. (Yet I like singularity and uniqueness.)

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