Name: Irina Măgurean
Age: 30
Tools of trade: Polaroid 600SE, Polaroid 600, Polaroid SX-70, Polaroid Colorpack II



Tell us a little (or a lot) about yourself 

I am an artist from Cluj, working mainly in the field of photography and I started to work with instant photography since 6-7 years ago; what made me turn to this kind of art is the uniqueness of each photograph and the meaning of ‘instant’;
I studied photography at the Art University from Cluj (where at the moment i am assistant professor), at Moholy Nagy art university from Budapest and at the academy of art and architecture from Prague;

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Something nice about the place where you live? 

After being abroad is good to have a cozy place to return (preparing the next journey) :))



A memory you wish you could have imprinted on film but didn’t?

The birth of my children.



Recommend us a site/social link you dig that we should know about.

i’m not a big internet surfer so i would recommend the album ‘ from polaroid to impossible’ published by Hatje Cantz



Say I give you an instant camera with only one paper left inside. It’s the last instant camera in the world. What would you shoot and why?

It’s pretty hard to decide because there are many subjects worth to be ‘last polaroid on earth’ but, because I consider instant photography something really personal and totally connected to me and my personal life, I would probably take a staged photograph of my children to keep the moment of shooting ‘present’.





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