Name Sven Van Driessche 
Age: 41
Tools of trade: Polaroid SX-70



Tell us a little (or a lot) about yourself 

I  studied photography  ( digital photography was not born then ) when I was young, because I needed a diploma…and once I had my diploma I was getting interested in photography :-). I thought  myself to shoot concert photography, later I took a lot of slides when I was traveling the world and now I’m totally into Polaroids since 5 years.I get inspired by a lot of things. A painting, traveling, the look of a girl, cities, music, a window,… For my polaroids I tried to find places or things that bring you back to old times. I made this year a polaroid in Havana, Cuba and it’s like that polaroid was taken in 1960 or so. And with the vintage hype from the last years, a nice vintage summer dress can turn into a vintage mood polaroid.I also tried, last year to make some polaroid portraits of Belgian artists that I like. With one of my favorite photographers, Anton Corbijn, in my mind.

IMG_20150126_0004 IMG_20150511_0023 IMG_20141011_0059

Something nice about the place where you live? 

I live in a boring village near a nice town called Ghent. And that’s the place to be. Old houses, a castle, student city and a lot of culture.


A memory you wish you could have imprinted on film but didn’t?

One polaroid I regret, every time that I’m in Berlin, was a wall full with images of a theatre  play about Christiane F. ” Children of Bahnhof Zoo “. There were also pictures of David Bowie with it
(because he played in the movie).That would have been an interesting polaroid…


Recommend us a site/social link you dig that we should know about.

I’m a fan of Anton Corbijn, do also check the Belgian photographer Stephan Vanfleteren, who is a brilliant portrait photographer. And for sensual polaroids with a twist, check Carmen De Vos (and her erotic TicKL magazines)!
And maybe my website
If your in Berlin next year in May, I will have a small polaroid exhibition in the gallery Instantland ( Sofortbild shop Berlin )
Say I give you an instant camera with only one paper left inside. It’s the last instant camera in the world. What would you shoot and why?
With the last polaroid on earth, I would like to take a polaroid… from the earth, as seen from the ISS space station :-)!




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