Horia Brebeneanu: “Photography holds an emotional ace card that appeals to us all”

Horia is a long time analogue amateur photographer. One day he found a box type analogue Polaroid at a flea market. The camera was kept on display for some years, while he enhanced his hobby with a theoretic master in photography at UNarte. In 2011 he got the first pack of Impossible Silver Shade film and steadily instant film became the choice for keeping his personal photo journal. In 2012, his work was featured in a group exhibition organized by Impossible Project in NYC.

Interview by Cristina Hiraeth

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Name: Horia Brebeneanu
Age: 33
Instant tools: Polaroid SX-70 Model 2, Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1 Gold, Minolta Instant Pro, Polaroid Spectra Onyx, and a quirky one, not really a camera, but quite possibly an inspiration for the Impossible Lab, the Vivitar Instant Slide Printer, which I use to print slides on instant pack film.

Horia Brebeneanu


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