Name:Vlad(uț) Ster
Tools: Polaroid SX 70 Land Camera M1, Polaroid SX 70 Land Camera M2, Spectra





Who are you? (Tell us about yourself, your life, your photography, turning to Polaroid and your relationship with art)

I am Vlad, born in the north of Romania, settled now some meters away from the Impossible Factory in Enschede, the Netherlands. I am a kind of happy person with soft skin long hands and I am happy.I like to isolate the movement and sounds, so different sequences are created. I am in search for the perfect equilibrium in everyday life. I had a close connection to photography since I was young and with Polaroid cameras as well. Except photography, writing is also a part of my daily chores – I was into poetry after first reading Stanescu and then everything just flew.


Something nice about the city you live in?

I currently live in Enschede, the Netherlands. Some of you know it, some of you don’t. I will mention that the Impossible Factory stands a few hundred meters away from my door ( and it’s great ), other old factories around force me to unleash my exploring mood and the people are great.

Top of mind artists and things that inspire you or put you in a creative mood?

Depends on how many clouds were on the sky during sunset.

I can say I’m always in a creative mood, I like exploring and observing what is going on around me and other people thus I create or do different things.

Today I would name Diane Arbus, Man Ray, Elvis, Nick Cave’s yellow paint leather shoes, BiagioGuerrera, Tzara Tristan, Gong.


A memory you wish you had imprinted on instant film?

 The moment I almost died.




Some Polaroid hack we don’t know about?

 Modify the SX-70 camera for 600 film. Better illustrated here I think.

If I gave you the last Polaroid camera on Earth – with only one paper left inside – what would you shoot?

I would start searching for the most sincere eyes and smile and capture them, because in the end that’s what you’re left with.

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