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Dragoş Mălăescu is inviting the viewer to have a second look, followed by a moment of introspection, with his abstract, black and white style, inspired by nature. In 2012, as a medical school student and passionate analog photographer, Dragoş Mălăescu contributed to the visual part of a complex atlas of the human heart anatomy. For illustrating The Atlas of Heart Anatomy and Development, Dragoş took the photographs of over 200 hearts.

Ioana Cristina Casapu is a journalist and fashion photographer who began experimenting with instant film in 2013. She mainly works with peel-off, expired and instant types. Her work was featured in Cake Magazine (UK), Confashion (PL), JUTE (US), Polaroid of the Day (ES), Feature Shoot, Cultartes and others. She is the co-owner of Retro Future media agency.

Cristiana Negoescu is our Curating Editor. With a background in painting, photography, mixed media and performance, she introduces herself to the art world as a divergent conceptographer. She experiments mainly with Fuji Instax Wide and thoroughly documents her imagery in writing. Her most consistent art project up to date is Les Monstreuses Saveurs du Palais, a contemporary anthology of surrealist creatures that speaks volumes of the magic, darkness and depth in everyone she’s met.


Dragoș Gavrilă is a graphic designer based in Bucharest. He shares a passion for photography, fashion and the controversy around film versus digital in an everchanging array of formats.

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